Random Thoughts #01

So… my first post. Took me so long for it eh?

In times of radical uncertainties what was once common becomes profound. To look at all of these things we’ve overlooked and took for granted at one point, despite their commonplace nature there have to be profound reasons on why these norms and traditions exist and we dispense with them at our peril. – Jordan Peterson.

The quote above by Dr Jordan B Peterson generally guides the way I guide students in my design studios and my research trajectories. And in times of uncertainties, the quote never failed to encourage me, somehow. Glenn Murcutt in one of his interviews mentioned how himself (metaphorically) had ‘back peddled’ on his bike while his contemporaries were all drawn into the Post Modern Movement. What had struck me is his honesty in his architectural approach. Solely based on first principles, the resultant architecture form emerges as a by-product. In this day and age where we’re all looking for freshness in the architectural form and articulation, Murcutt is still, sticking to his guns.

Now, how does that relate to architectural education? I thought the links are there and it’s deeply profound. Hopefully in the few post to come, I’ll be able to clarify some of these thoughts with, hmmmmm… you? … and most importantly, myself.

Its 5:12am… I do sure hope that my next post will not be due to insomnia…

In the beginning…

Well… actually not. I’ve been documenting my thoughts pertaining to the Studio Pedagogy for quite sometime now but it’s pretty much sporadical. So, this micro blog is almost a pathetic offshoot from my twitter page to document some of my thoughts for my future papers and hopefully, education.